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October 2009

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This journal is Friends Only.
Comment to be added.


I'm a friend! Yay! ;P
will you add me?? pwwwease?
awww sure :)
This is really hansonized ;)
yeah i just made it that way actually.
i adore your layout its soo blue and its hanson =D
thanks <3
your icon is quality.
i'm just confused on whether natalie's face expresses agreement or disdain lol
haha i think disdain ;)

This is for you.

your FO banner is so awesome!!
thanks :D
made it myself :D
oooh, oooh.... what about me?

you've been added.
Hey, it's Hiller with a new LJ name... Add me?
hey you have been added.
Hey, I was looking thru and came across your page thing.. you like hanson, green day and fall out boy.. SWEET! I added you.. add me back? :)
sure :)
I never know what to say when writing these comments. Anyway, I'm Remus on left_inpieces and Tonks on back_wards and well, uhm, would you mind if I added you?
No you can't add me!!!

I love the RP we did together so far :)
Of course you can add me. and you'll be added back.
*almost in tears*


Yay! I'll add you right away ;)
I think you should add me. I am your virgin lover, after all.
Of course I'll add you silly!
Hey. Saw you post in hanson and noticed your House moodtheme as well. I ♥ House and obviously ♥ Hanson. Plus your username rocks. Can I friend you and vice versa?
Hey! Of course we can be friends <3
I love new friends. Especially when they love House and Hanson.
I love new friends too. And Hanson and House mmm. Hehe.
Hiya, it's me, gilraen79. I changed my username and now LJ has kicked me from everyone's f-list. Please add me again if you want? Thanks. <3
Psh. No I won't add you!

Joyce. Shut up. I love you. [adds]
Lol sorry for the silly message but I just sent everyone the same thing so it's a bit impersonal.

Thanks for the readd ♥♥♥
Sure :D
Hiya! I'm Karina, or Charlie. Whichever you'd like to call me :)

I ♥♥♥ Ewan McGregor. I'm friending you back :D!
hi i saw your comment in x_fangirl's journal & i love alice in wonderland and then i saw that you have SILVERCHAIR on your friend's only post and i think we are destined to be friends! so im adding you if thats okay!
sure thing! Anyone who loves Hanson, Silverchair and AIW is a friend to me.
ive seen you post on the hanson community and wanted to add. is that ok?
Sure thing! I love having friends.
well, good luck to you, when you start your diet :) maybe we can keep each other positive!!
I'm curious as you who you are, a high school search said we went to the same school.

Far as I knew I was the only Rper in Grant County.
Can you please add me. I just read on of your fics Draco/Charlie and would love to see what other fics you have.